Global Cloud PBX
What is the Global cloud pbx ?

Global Cloud Pbx provide all the advanced features of an improved PBX without installation and maintenance costs.

Global Cloud Pbx is running as a service over the internet is on without the need for physical server in your location. Global Cloud Pbx dedicated only to you and hosted on a server in a datacenter environment is a technology that you can use. To take advantages of Global Cloud Pbx, broadband internet (ADSL, fiber, cable) is sufficient.You can start using them immediately with IP phone or Analog phone with Fxs-Fxo device.

Get rid of all of the Pbx maintenance and repair costs with Global cloud PBX ! You can talk with the best prices !

Servers are hosted data center has redundant fiber internet infrastructure. Power supply is supported by UPS and generators. Global Cloud Pbx has full protection and security with firewall and intrusion prevention systems.

Global Cloud Pbx offers many features to start and manage inbound or outbound calls. You can perform unlimited calls simultaneously. Electricity and internet outages are not affected in anyway. Unlimited ACD Queues, Unlimited Agent, Comprehensive Reporting, Real Time Queue Monitoring and Statistics, Soft Phone, Predictive inbound and outbound calls are just some of the features you would have.

Who can use ?

Global cloud Pbx is a convenient service for companies in all segments and all call centers.

Suitable for a company with only one employee and are also suitable for companies with hundreds of employees.

What is important here that fits your needs and to determine the full flexibility of extensions can be defined.

What are the advantages ?

The biggest advantage of Global cloud Pbx is not required any investment. You can use all the features of IP Pbx.

All hardware and software costs can be saved. For example, setup, restoration, update, etc…

In Global cloud Pbx system, all companies can talk for free with themselves.

In this way, you can talk free with your customers or all company which you're talking continuously.

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